The West Coast Wonders

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Are you looking for an area rich in entrepreneurship, technological growth and access to the Pacific Ocean, then look no further the West Coast. Home to the West Cost Ivy universities, Hollywood and some of the most famous and valuable companies in the world, the West Coast also offers a climate and living environment uniquely its own.

Whether you dream of being the next Steve Jobs or the next Mark Zuckerberg, helping improve the environment or the world, creating the next hot PIxar movie or deciphering "big data", surfing the internet or surfing Mavericks, USPASSS can find the right high school for you.

List of high schools on the West Coast
Tuition is listed for reference only and may not be inclusive of all costs and any fees charged specifically to international students. International students may study at a public high school for only one academic year, after which they will have to transfer to a private institution. 
USPASSS has a database of t
uition and housing costs, college acceptance rates, the enrollment process and much more on these schools and others. To find the school that is the right fit for you, see the How to Apply section or contact us: admissions (at) uspasss (dot) org.
 School Name
 ESL  Standardized
 of Color
 Annie Wright Schools  All-girls  Boarding  162  Yes  TOEFL  37%  Feb. 8
 $48,445  No
 Archbishop Riordan HS
 All-boys  Boarding  620  Yes  TOEFL  30%  Rolling  $45,000  Catholic
 Army and Navy Academy  All-boys  Boarding  320  Yes  TOEFL  27%  Rolling  $34,500  No
 Athenian School  Co-ed  Boarding  300  Yes  TOEFL  38%  Jan. 9
 $39,060  No
 Besant Hill School
 (Pre-prof. Arts)
 Co-ed  Boarding  100  Yes  TOEFL  15%  Feb. 1
 $45,886  No
 Cate School  Co-ed  Boarding  265  No  SSAT, TOEFL
 42%  Jan. 15
 $50,600  No
 Dunn School  Co-ed  Boarding  215    SSAT, TOEFL  18%  Feb. 1
 $51,100  No
 Excelsior School  Co-ed  Boarding  60  Yes  TOEFL  80%  Rolling  $18,650  No
 Flintridge Sacred Heart  Academy  All-girls  Boarding  285  No  TOEFL  59%  Rolling  $46,750  Catholic
 Idyllwild Arts Academy
 (Pre-prof. Arts)
 Co-ed  Boarding  300  Yes  TOEFL  21%  Rolling  $53,600  No
 Horizon Christian  Academy  Co-ed  Private  419  No  TOEFL  35%  Rolling  $8,670 +
 Midland School  Co-ed  Boarding  90  No  SSAT, TOEFL  20%  Feb. 15
 $42,500  No
 Monte Vista Christian  School  Co-ed  Boarding  970  Yes  TOEFL  11%  Feb. 1
 $40,130  No
 Northwest Yeshiva HS
 Co-ed  Private  76  No  TOEFL  3%  Mar. 15
 $16,395 +
 Oak Grove School  Co-ed
 Boarding  209  Yes  TOEFL  18%  Feb. 1
 $36,200  No
 Ojai Valley School  Co-ed  Boarding  288  Yes  SSAT, TOEFL  9%  Feb. 1
 $47,950  No
 Overlake School
 Co-ed  Private  521  No  SSAT, ISEE
 27%  Jan. 15
 $30,000 +
 Rainier Christian
 Co-ed  Private  116 No
 TOEFL  15%  Rolling  $12,610 +
 San Domenico School  All-girls  Boarding  163  Yes  TOEFL  30%  Jan. 17
 $49,000  Dominican
 Santa Catalina School  All-girls  Boarding  252  No  SSAT, TOEFL  15%  Feb. 1
 $44,600  Catholic
 Southwestern Academy  Co-ed  Boarding  144  Yes  TOEFL  15%  Rolling  $41,000  No
 Squaw Valley Academy  Co-ed  Boarding  100  Yes  TOEFL  65%  Rolling  $44,298  No
 Stevenson School  Co-ed  Boarding  730  No  SSAT, TOEFL  17%  Feb. 1
 $51,900  No
 Thacher School  Co-ed  Boarding  240  No  SSAT, TOEFL  36%  Jan. 15
 $47,950  No
 University Of Schoolan  Diego HS
 Co-ed  Private  1478  No  TOEFL  31%  Rolling  $14,790 +
 Verde Valley School  Co-ed  Boarding  102  Yes  SSAT, TOEFL
 12%  Rolling  $43,000  No
 Villanova Preparatory  School  Co-ed  Boarding  250  Yes  SSAT, TOEFL  23%  Jan. 30
 $44,500  Augustinian
 Wasatch Academy  Co-ed  Boarding  307  Yes
 24%  Mar. 31
 $52,700  No
 Webb Schools  Co-ed  Boarding  410  No  SSAT, TOEFL  68%  Jan. 15
 $49,775  No
 Woodside Priory School
 Co-ed  Boarding  367  No  SSAT, TOEFL  15%  Jan. 12
 $51,100  Catholic