Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. — Henry David Thoreau

We truly believe that financial limitations should not be a limiting factor in helping you get the best education possible. That is why USPASSS has a core commitment to provide financial aid to talented students who are driven to succeed.

To be eligible for any aid from USPASSS, each student must enter into our Scholarship Competition. In addition, the recipient of financial assistance from USPASSS must agree to participate in campaigns and activities, sponsored by USPASSS, to promote awareness on the human right to a world-class education and to help the next generation of students.

All entrants will also receive a discount on the other educational services that we offer.

To keep yourself updated with additional scholarship opportunities outside of those offered by USPASSS, please visit our Scholarship Newsletter page. As an added benefit, subscribers to our Newsletter will have the fee for the current years' Scholarship Competition waived.

For those who meet specific financial need criteria, we do offer discounted services. Please Click here to learn more.


All those students who meet the entry requirement for the High School Scholarships are eligible for aid from USPASSS, regardless of any financial aid awarded by the school.

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For distinguished students who are nominated by their teachers or civic leaders, this award is designed to go beyond just financial support to help accelerate their potential.

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Besides using our own resources and revenue to sponsor students, we also accept contributions from individual and institutional philanthropists. To help talented students, please refer to the information on our Donation Options page.

For more information about scholarships offered by USPASSS, please contact us: grants (at) uspasss (dot) org.

Special Notice: At this time, USPASSS is geared to help Vietnamese citizens access world-class education, therefore our Scholarship awards are limited to only Vietnamese. When we are able to provide adequate services to all international students, we will grant scholarships to everybody regardless of their nationality. For more information, please contact as at info (at) uspasss (dot) org.