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English as Second Language (ESL) Courses

Our English as a Second Language courses are for anyone who wants to be more proficient in the international language of business. Get rid of learning English with a dictionary and recorded lessons. Stop thinking in Vietnamese and trying to translate into English on the fly.

Come spend your short vacation in an immersive environment in the US and transform your English skills.

  • Learn English pronunciation rules (Yes, there are rules.)
  • Study with language professionals who were trained to teach ESL
  • Practice your skills every day in the real world
  • Make important connections for your career
  • Visit the States to see the land of opportunity with your own eyes
  • Learn English while enjoying delicious regional cuisines. Yuuuuummyyyyy!!!

ESL classes are being offered all the time, so consult with us now to register for a course in the American city of your choice.

Image Courtesy of Robert Daly, Gettyimages