Board Members

USPASSS' President
USPASSS' Vice President

Mr. Tim Saenger - President


Bachelor of Science, Colorado School of Mines. US's #1 Engineering School (MIT ranks #4) in 2014 by USA Today

MBA, SMU Cox, World's #3 EMBA program in the world

Besides working full time at TI, a multi-million dollar hi-tech business headquartered in Dallas, he's on the Board of Alumni Association for Colorado School of Mines, a non-profit organization that helps interested students to know all the secrets that make this school #1 Engineering School in the US.

Mr. Sean Sell - Vice President

Bachelor of Science, UT Dallas

MBA, SMU Cox, World's #3 EMBA program


A father of 3, an engineer, a swimming coach utilizing hi-tech, he's Big to know what career is just right for you, then we can work down the school that fits you the best.

USPASSS' Executive Director
USPASSS' Secretary

Ms. Jung Le - Board Member

Founder - Executive Director

Bachelor of Arts, Hanoi FTU

A banker, a journalist, a marcom specialist, a technology lover, and a vivid fan of Ayn Rand, and Montessori, now all to make an enthusiastic Educational Specialist.

Mr. Glenn Small - Board Member

Bachelor of Science, Texas A&M, #10 School, US News

Teaching Consultant

Father of 2 all at private schools in the Dallas area. The eldest got Duke scholarship to attend Duke TIP, a summer program for high-achieving kids. He's experienced with bright kids, and patient with those who haven't figured out their dreams and future paths.