For Parents

When considering a study abroad program, it's not enough to just get your child admitted to A school. The key is in finding the RIGHT school to enable a lifetime of success. At USPASSS, we work with each family individually to identify the areas that are of most concern to you and your child and to determine the key traits of your child that need to be accounted for when selecting schools. Only when we have that data in hand will we start the school selection process.

Career Orientation

Many parents and students share with us that they do not know what their career goals are, which is natural at this time. But the selection of the right high school will have a large impact on the choice of colleges, which, in turn, will affect the career fields open to your child upon graduation. That is why we are here to help you along this journey.

    • First, we apply both art and science to analyze your child's interests using our proprietary method.
    • Then, we will consult with you and your child on different career options that best play to the interests that we have uncovered.

School Selection

School rankings alone cannot tell you if a school is right for your child. There are many nuances to the school, such as its community and surroundings, class size, etc., that need to be considered, but are not always obvious. We are here to help you dig deeper, which includes but are not limited to:

    • Does the high school specialize in the area to help your child achieve their career goals?
    • If it is a boarding school, what are the living conditions? What's the food like?
    • How is the diversity of the school? Will your child fit in?


Occasionally, we find that some students just aren't ready to move halfway around the world, so we will help advise them on ways to get ready for a review the next year.

For those who are qualified, we work closely with you to give your child the best chance of being accepted at a desired institution by:

    • Bringing out and highlighting your child's UNIQUENESS.
    • Consulting with your child on their essays to allow their best qualities to come across.
    • Working with your child on their interview skills to help them be focused and confident.

And once accepted, we'll also help to achieve the most financial aid possible.

Talent Nurtured

As parents ourselves, we understand your concern over your child leaving the nest. However, your child is more independent and mature than you may realize. And you can have additional peace of mind knowing we are here to help.

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Career Success

A person's career does not start the day they graduate from college. It starts the moment they decide to go beyond their basic studies. USPASSS can help your child grow in many ways:

    • We can help find internship and volunteer opportunities for your child during school holidays.
    • Recommending your child to college professors and industrial professionals.
    • Working with your child on their college admission process at no extra charge.
    • In very special cases, providing financing / fundraising to help your child bring their great idea to life.

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