Nurture Talent

Nurture TALENT

Once you've taken the first step to let your child pursue a world class education in the US, you don't have to be worried about them. Let USPASSS provide your child with the same sort of nurturing environment, care and safety that you have so ably provided at home.

Homestay Service

We carefully select a host family for your precious child. These American families will usually have a child in the same school with yours and/or have a strong desire to help international students succeed is the US. Depending on your desires and resources, we provide two homestay options:

1. Homestay for the entire academic year, including major holidays.2. Homestay only while school is in session, exclusive of major holidays.


From the moment your child lands at the airport, we will take care of them as a member of our own family. No worries, no hassles; we provide 24/7 emergency services to give you and your child total peace of mind.

There is no specific list of things we will or will not help with. We will be there whatever the need.

Cultural Exchange

We can help connect your child with American teenagers to start lifelong process of cultural exchange and personnel growth.

From time to time, we also hold get togethers for your child to mingle with other Vietnamese and local peers, to have fun, and above all, to enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Let us help you with your peace of mind. Apply Now!

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