High Schools

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest — Benjamin Franklin

According to CSIET and SEVIS, in 2012 Vietnam ranked 4th worldwide in terms of students attending US high schools; 2,685 accounting for 14% of all Vietnamese students studying in the US. In contrast, only 66 Vietnamese students attended US High Schools in 2007.

Comparatively, in 2012 China sent 25,226 high school students to the US (10% of all Chinese students in the US) and Korea sent 13,873 (14%). While the overall percentages for Vietnamese students is about the same as these two countries, the total numbers are still very modest.

There are some very defined benefits for receiving a High School education in the US:

    1. A less stressful way to integrate into life in the US
    2. Personal care from teachers, with around 13 students per teacher
    3. Potential to earn college credits, which saves time and money for college
    4. Strong head-start on getting into the highly ranked US Collegiate education system
    5. Availability of Financial Aid for serious and unique students
    6. Opens doors to a life and career in the US and the world

While it can be a stressful event to send your child away from home, the advantages of getting a good education will last throughout your child's life and beyond.

There are 3 choices for US High Schools:

    1. Boarding schools, where the students live on campus, are the most popular with Vietnamese students because of awareness and easier logistics.
    2. Private day schools, where the students will live with a local host family, who usually have their own children attending the same school. For a number of reasons, this option is not yet popular in Vietnam. However, this option can be less expensive and the schools can offer an even higher level of education than boarding schools. USPASSS offers you the chance to live in a real home and enjoy life and your education in a different way than boarding.
    3. Public schools. US law currently limits international students to attend a public school for only 1 school year. Students will also need to pay the full tuition required by the school (if any) and arrange to stay with a host family. USPASSS will help you find a home stay family to live with and then transfer to a private school after the 1st year. Some public schools are great and we can help you find the best ones, so it's worth to go there, even for just one year.

Our service helps you to enjoy schooling the way you like.

Education is not limited to the boundaries of the school. Choosing the right environment, (city, climate, business community, etc.) will help you to get the most out of your education. We have categorized high schools into 3 major regions below, so go ahead and let USPASSS help you find the school of your dreams.

Image Courtesy of Africa, Freedigitalphotos.net