East Coast

The East Coast Elite

For the class of 2017, Ivy League universities received 30,910 applications and only accepted 2,828 students, or 9% (Allen Grove, About.com Guide).

While it is very competitive to get into one of these eight schools, it can be worth the effort as an Ivy diploma means:

    • World class education
    • Access to an elite network
    • Respected by companies
    • Can earn 30% more

If you aspire to attend one of these elite schools, you really need a good foundation to the Ivy League, which means attending one of the outstanding high schools in the area.

List of high schools on the East Coast

Tuition is listed for reference only and may not be inclusive of all costs and any fees charged specifically to international students. International students may study at a public high school for only one academic year, after which they will have to transfer to a private institution.

USPASSS has a database of tuition and housing costs, college acceptance rates, the enrollment process and much more on these schools and others. To find the school that is the right fit for you, see the How to Apply section or contact us: admissions (at) uspasss (dot) org.