How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply to US high schools, international students must be between the ages of 14-19.

The application package will need to include:

    1. Standardized Test: TOEFL (for all international students whose mother tongue is not English,) SSAT (for boarding schools), ISEE (for private day schools), or HSPT
    2. Official Transcripts, (converted into US grading system, if required)
    3. Application (personal details)
    4. Essay(s) (might also include many short questions)
    5. Recommendation letters from: English teacher, Math teacher, Dean or Counselor, Athlete Coach, Leader of activities (addional)
    6. Extracurricular documents
    7. Awards, Recognitions (if any)
    8. Parents' Financial Statement, if you apply for financial aids.

There are two common mistakes among Vietnamese applicants: (1) picking a school on reputation or cost alone instead of finding the one best suited to the student's needs and dreams and (2) not showing the school the student's best side during the application / interview process.

Our team will guide you through the complexities of the US education system, helping select the right school for you, and assist you in making the best of the opportunities at hand. There are many options and many more decisions to be made, so let the specialists at USPASSS work with you.

With USPASSS, you simply:

    1. Fill out our Questionnaire (which will be sent to the email you register with us. We can also get this information on a skype talk with you.)
    2. Work with our team to help us understand your career dreams and inclinations to customize an education strategy for you
    3. Select 6-7 schools from our recommended shortlist
    4. Attend our trainings on how to present your best side on paper
    5. Apply to schools and for Financial Aid with our help
    6. Attend our trainings on how to be your best in the interviews, and how to interview the schools at the same time
    7. Choose one best school among those who have accepted you
    8. Arrange the necessary payment(s) with the school and get and I-20 from them
    9. Attend our trainings on how to fill out the visa application & what to expect in the interview
    10. Once the visa is secured, attend our orientation session to get ready for the newest chapter of your life

Consult with us now at admissions (at) uspasss (dot) org to start your making your dreams into a reality.