Why Texas?

Contrary to the perception that Texas is only home to oil and cattle, the state is also the chosen home for many innovative technologists, medical practitioners, and businessmen. 10% of the Fortune 500 have their global headquarters in Texas. There are many major cities to choose from - Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), Houston, Austin and San Antonio - one of which is sure to appeal to your senses.

Known for it's Southern hospitality, moderate climate, and dynamic growth, more than 210 thousand Vietnamese have made Texas their home, second only to California (2010 US Census Bureau). With it's strong economy, Texas unemployment has been 2-3% better than the national average since the financial crisis and according to NerdWallet, 4 of the top 16 cities in the US with the highest incomes are in Texas. Texas not only offer great schools, it also a great environment to nurture talented Vietnamese.

These are other facts about Texas that you may find surprising and amazing (Source: Wikipedia):

    • The name Texas, based on the Caddo word Tejas, means "friends" or "allies"
    • As of 2010, Texas had a gross state product of $1.207 trillion, the second highest in the U.S
    • Texas has the headquarters of Dell, Texas Instruments, Perot Systems, Rackspace and AT&T
    • The Texas Medical Center holds the world's largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions, with 47 member institutions
    • Texas has 730 airports, second most of any state in the nation
    • Vietnamese is the second most popular non-English language in Texas
    • Texas cuisines are as rich as its people, with Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex being affording unforgettable dinning experiences to all
    • State law requires the curriculum must teach "reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship"

Obviously, Texas has a perfect environment to nurture talents during a students educational career and on through the rest of their life. Work with USPASSS and help us extend the list of why Texas is the right place to be!!!

PS: Google and Youtube "Ms. Duy Loan, Texas Instruments," for a very inspirational Vietnamese-Texan.

List of high schools in Texas

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