Distinguished Scholar Award

Distinguished Scholar Award

Imagine a world without great minds of scientists, technologist, philosophers, governors...

What do you think our world would be like?

Great minds and strong leaders are the treasure of our world. It is our duty and responsibility to find them, nurture and encourage them and guide them along their journey to reach their full potential.

USPASSS would like your help to identify these Distinguished Scholars in your midst.

The Distinguished Scholar Award is specifically for those Vietnamese students who are, will be or want to attend at least one (1) academic year in a US High School (grades 9-12).

To be eligible for this Award, the student must:

    • Be a Vietnamese citizen
    • Be between 14-18 years of age
    • Be enrolled full time at a middle or high school in Vietnam
    • Have a minimum cumulative GPA over the last (three) 3 years, equivalent to a 90% average
    • Show your active Civic Engagement, or your plans for future engagement
    • Be nominated by a teacher or civic leader who can speak to your accomplishments and character
    • Submit your entry for the USPASSS High School Scholarship

If you wish to nominate a student for this award, please be advised that the deadline for nominations for the 2014 academic year is December 15th, 2013. Once nominated, the student must submit their application prior to the deadline as noted in the Scholarship Competition Terms and Conditions. To submit your nomination, please Click here.

The Distinguished Scholar Award is only eligible to students who are nominated by a teacher or a civic leader and can be entered in place of the High School Scholarship, but does not affect the eligibility for any other scholarship. However, the student must submit a separate entry with a different essay for each scholarship that they wish to apply for. The Distinguished Scholar Award is a replacement for, and cannot be awarded in addition to, the High School Scholarships.

Since each nominee posses unique talents, USPASSS will consider all of that year's nominees at one time, independently of the other scholarship competitions, to identify the most capable for a final review. To help us select the very best student(s) for the Distinguished Scholar Award, we will hold a video interview with each of the finalists.

The size of the grant for each Distinguished Scholar Award is capped at US$20,000, and will depend on the contestants' qualifications and their commitment to promote awareness of the need to improve education internationally as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. The recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award shall also have additional benefits which include but are not limited to:

    • An 80% total discount on our consultancy fee for High School Programs, for the school year defined in the competition Terms and Conditions
    • Assistance from our Board of Directors to connect the recipient with experts and industry leaders
    • At the discretion of the Board, we may provide financing / fundraising in order for the recipient to pursue bringing their idea to life

Click here to learn more about the Scholarship Competition.

Special Notice: At this time, USPASSS is geared to help Vietnamese citizens access world-class education, therefore our Scholarship awards are limited to only Vietnamese. When we are able to provide adequate services to all international students, we will grant scholarships to everybody regardless of their nationality. For more information, please contact us at info (at) uspasss (dot) org.

Image Courtesy of Chris Stein, Gettyimages