Parent's Consent Form

Parent's Consent Form

You can either print the Form from this page, or download from here. The signed and scanned copy of this Consent Form must be submitted together with your child's entry for the Competition.



I, , on behalf of my minor child

Name of parent/guardian representing contestant under 18

, agree that by submitting this entry on the date of

Name of youth

, that I have read through and fully understood the

Date of entry

Competition Terms & Conditions, my child has abided by such terms & conditions, and that US Programs for Accredited Schools & Soft Skills (USPASSS) can use my child’s name, likeness, school name, city, province and/or territory of residence and all of the contents submitted in any publicity carried out by USPASSS with respect to the Competition in perpetuity.

I understand that copies of any Government or School issued ID that contains my child's full name and date, month and year of birth or my child's School Book will not be used in conjunction with any images unless I grant permission.

Signature of parent/guardian named above Date

Failure to sign and return this Form will result in your child’s entry being disqualified from the Competition.