Special Discounts

General Discounts

All those who enter the USPASSS Scholarship Competition are eligible to receive a 30% discount on our consultancy fee for High School Programs and/or a 10% discount on our consultancy fee for High School Prep Programs and College Prep Programs.

In addition to the above discounts, those who are a paid subscriber to our Scholarship Newsletter will have their entry fee for the Scholarship Competition waived, be eligible for a free consultation on their first outside scholarship application and a competitive fee of US$50 for each additional scholarship application.

Special Discounts

We do offer special discounts on our consultancy fee(s) to students who have very limited financial resources. To be considered for this, we will need a letter from the School Dean or Counselor to certify your family's financial hardship.

Please make sure the letter covers at least the following information:

    • The student's full name
    • The student's academic performance, with class ranking (required), and school ranking (if available)
    • The student's parents' full names and job titles
    • The student's parents' employers, including mailing addresses and phone numbers
    • The family's total annual income
    • The name of the school
    • The full name of the person sending the letter, their email and phone number

The Letter must be sent directly from your School Dean's or Counselor's email address to our email: grants (at) uspasss (dot) org.

We will consider your case and your request to determine how much of a fee reduction (up to a full waiver) is appropriate.

All requests are considered on a rolling basis and the funds available for fee reduction are limited, so please contact us as early as possible in the annual admissions cycle.