Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Education is not just a waypoint in your career, it is a life-time journey.

USPASSS understands your specific needs to take some certificate programs in the US as a break from your work life, increase your knowledge base and skill set and/or to advance your career and compensation.

With our executive team and advisory board, who work in a variety of industries, we are here to help you with your specific needs.

Our scope of services include:

    • Find the right certificate program for your current or future career
    • Help you expand your international connections by choosing programs that are generally attended by those in similar or adjacent industries as yours
    • Help you find a certificate program in the US, arrange for housing and transportation and insurance as a single package price to fit within your budget
    • Offer A-Z arrangement for you to enjoy the program in the US without any hassle

Should you have more needs, please contact us and we will help customize a package for you.

It's a whole new concept, TRADY (Travel + Study.) Consult with us now to lead the trend!

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