From my training I can get an idea of what I am capable of — Paula Radcliffe

We are unhappy to realize that in the face of an increasingly globalized and challenging business environment, Vietnamese just starting out in their careers often lack the tools to unlock their full potential. They are smart, but their insufficient English creates an artificial barrier to communicate with international leaders. They are innovative, but they lack leadership and teamwork skills to inspire, manage their team and carry out their initiatives. They have great ideas to influence and drive society forward, but they lack presentation skills to communicate them in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

USPASSS helps connect you to the programs that will enable you to make your bright future a reality and to leave your lasting mark on your organization.

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Our programs for professionals will help you to:

    • Improve your language skills and confidence working in English
    • Jump start your soft skills to help you be more effective in getting things done
    • Make the most out of your travel to the US and further your climb up the corporate ladder

Get out there and be a contributor to the international business community for endless opportunities to come! Register for our life-changing programs now.

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