Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Education is a human right and should be equally available to all persons.

Unfortunately, due to lack of good information, not all Vietnamese students are aware of this. It is our duty and responsibility to help talented individuals achieve their potential by informing them of the possibilities, finding the right educational opportunities for them and assisting them to find the financial resources to make use of these opportunities.

Apply to be a USPASSS Ambassador today to help the next generation and to drive the human race forward!!!

What are the Qualifications for Ambassadors?

    • Have graduated from a US high school or university
    • Must be at least 17 years of age
    • Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply. If you are not living in Vietnam, you must be willing to travel to Vietnam as needed in support of your duties.
    • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of US high schools and the US higher education system
    • Possess excellent communication, interpersonal and public speaking skills
    • Be patient, helpful and detail oriented
    • Display a high-level of discipline and have a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and goals

What are some responsibilities of Ambassadors?

We believe that individuals perform their best when given autonomy to execute upon their own initiatives. Therefore, the list below is not to be regarded as a to-do list, but just some of the actions that an Ambassador can take to help USPASSS achieve our mission.

    • Talk with prospective high school students and their families via email, through in-person visits, on Facebook, forums or blogs to help them understand US schools and life in the Untied States.
    • Assist the USPASSS admissions office during our recruitment tours and/or scholarship competition.
    • Lead and carry out volunteer initiatives to help prospective students build their skills and get ready to attend a US school.
    • Support USPASSS in other projects as needed.

Once you have been selected as an Ambassador, you will take the initiative to propose to us what you want to accomplish, how you are going to do it and what help you need from us.

USPASSS is always looking for Ambassadors; there are no deadlines for you to submit your application. Register now using the form below to receive details on available positions.

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