Volunteer Programs

If man takes time to help another scale a mountain, he too will scale that mountain — Tibetan Proverb

By now you must have learned that studying doesn't limit to books and schools, that's why US schools encourage you to have extra-curricular activities. The same holds true when you apply for a job; companies want to know if you care about the community and have demonstrated the soft skills needed to integrate into the sophisticated corporate environment. To help you contribute and grow at the same time, we offer several volunteer programs for you. Some may require more time and effort than others.

If you want to contribute more, we encourage you to apply for our Ambassador Program, which is our on-going program and rewards for your valuable endeavors.

USPASSS is always looking for volunteers; there are no deadlines for you to submit your application. Register now using the link below to receive details on available positions.

Image courtesy of Sami Sarkis, Gettyimages